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.Net project development & Training


.NET is a technology from Microsoft which provides a platform based on software called .NET Framework which offers different kind of developments such as

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console applications, web applications, windows applications, mobile applications, web services, window services, class library, add-ins, etc using different languages. .NET platform provides a fully-controlled environment for the development, debugging, deployment, installation and execution of different kinds of applications.

Why .NET?
The answer lies in the features of .NET which definitely gives the reasons to the learners to choose .NET and these features are described as follows:-

  • .NET is a platform independent technology which makes it compatible on different machines.
  • • Support of multiple languages which makes it easy to adopt. Learners and developers with different tastes of languages can easily work on .NET.
  • .NET Framework offers built-in libraries, tools and rules to make development easier and faster.
  • .NET is based on CLR (Common Language Runtime) engine.
  • • All languages supported by .NET are Object Oriented.
  • .NET offers simplified development & deployment of applications.
  • Security.
  • Interoperability, which means .NET gives cross-language integration, developers working on different module with different languages can easily integrate the application at the time of deployment and execution.
  • Portability.

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